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Hi all,
My first proper post on here so I hope its interesting enough!
Firstly who got tickets for Maximo Park?!!
I was lucky enough to get some of the pre-sale ones thru their mailing list so very pleased with myself on that one
Trying to download the live version of I Want You To Stay atm but is taking ages with my rubbish modem lol!
Anyone got any suggestions for a support on the tour tho?

Off to see Elbow tomorrow night along with Larrikin Love, the fab ¡Forward Russia! and The Duke Spirit. Should be very cool…

Got a few more booked up in the next few months too…
Graham Coxon (genius), The Ordinary Boys, Editors… Also trying to decide which festival to go to this year! Has to be either V (again) or Reading. Really really want to go to the Isle of Wight again but is term time and best acts always Friday and Sunday nights so impossible oh well...

Anyway would love anyone to get in touch with me and share music views, laughs, obsessions, whatever…!

Vinyl J x

Download just finished!! Hurrah! :) :) :)
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